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  1.  How long can an AirPod battery live? Is it possible for one AirPod to survive for more than six months about the same charge? The solution is yes! With some manual testing, you can easily extend the AirPods battery life.
  2.  The first thing you have to test out in terms of extending the ipod battery life is how well the AirPods charge and use the onboard charging port. Your brand-new AirPods will automatically pair with your cell phone without a single tap even when you open the casing close to your cell phone. Just touch the airpod icon on your own screen to activate the widget. On your own Mac, double-click the "Settings" icon near the top of your screen to gain access to the smart battery meter widget.
  3.  To try out the charging port, touch the left or right edge of the port several times and then release. You need to see a flash of light come out and then a steady current stream. If this will not happen, there may be some harm to the ipod battery life. This would indicate you have bought new airpods and not simply some old ones. If the light flashes slowly, this could also mean that the new airport require a bit of getting used to.
  4.  On your iPhone, touch the house button twice quickly accompanied by a long press on the energy switch. You need to hear a buzz similar to that which you get once you put your iPhone on vibrate mode. If this doesn't work, your new airpods could be incompatible with your iPhone. It can be your iPhone has different requirements from that of the airport.
  5.  As well as checking your airpod settings, it is just a good idea to accomplish a test with the headphones. To get https://joontein.com/airpods-2nd-generation-wired-charging/ done, connect one earphone to the microphone on the airpod. Turn on the iTunes program and download your favorite songs. Then turn on the headphones and listen to the song through one ear, then your other.
  6.  Another good way to try out your home screen and battery life is to turn on the calculator. Tap the calculator on the ipod case and then touch the screen of your iPhone. The calculator should update the quantity on your own home screen. If it generally does not, then your iPhone may need to be charged. If this does happen, then you may need to replace the ipod case for an iPod-compatible model.
  7.  If your airport seem to run out of power, then it could be that your users default setting, the clock widgets are not being displayed properly. To repair this problem, go in to the General tab and change the clock widgets to the Large Text widget. Go on and tap the + sign next to the clock widget and use the + sign to include it to your widget page. Now your calendar and widgets should update correctly.
  8.  One final thing that can be done to improve battery life on your own Bluetooth powered devices, apart from checking your wireless network settings, would be to turn off Bluetooth once you are not making use of your Bluetooth device. That is, save the Bluetooth settings to your special Bluetooth device only, tap the delete button twice to eliminate it from your own paired device and then go on and switch off your Bluetooth device. This can ensure that Bluetooth is switched off when you are not using your Bluetooth wireless device. For example, if you are on the highway and need to have a phone call, then you can certainly setup your Bluetooth device to automatically answer calls by speaking the phrase "call me", which is short for "Bluetooth on" or "Bluetooth off". After doing so, your Bluetooth device will remain turned on, this provides you with it more battery life.