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  1. Sunglass or sun glass is a type of protective eye wear designed primarily to avoid bright sunlight and harmful high-energy visible light from harming or discomforting your eyes. Sunglasses have a thin layer of organic material called sun film that protects the eyes when exposed to direct sunlight, protects your eyes from the strong UV rays of the sun, and blocks high concentrations of ionized and fluorescent light from harming your eyes even when outdoors. A pair of sunglasses can either protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays or block them; but more often than not, they are manufactured to work in tandem with your prescription eyeglasses for optimum effect. Sunglasses are one of the few eye wear products that most people can use without a prescription, which makes it an attractive alternative for many people.
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  3. As sunglasses are popular eyewear products, there is an array of sunglass designs to choose from. There are presently four major categories of sunglass designs. They are polarized, non-polarized, aviator, and designer. A polarized sunglass is designed to either minimize or block the wide part of the spectrum of light known as the Visibility Light, or the sunlight that hits your eyes at certain angles while you are driving at high speeds. Non-polarized sunglasses, on the other hand, are designed to reduce or eliminate the wide angle portion of the visibility light, which might not be helpful to drivers who often drive at high speeds. Most polarized sunglass manufacturers offer a combination of the two types, with the aviator and the designer type being separate, each coming in a variety of colors and designs.
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  5. Aviator and Designer Sunglass Design. The primary difference between these types of sunglass is based on how they are designed to block light. Since the majority of traffic that your eyes will be exposed to while driving occurs over large stretches of road, it would be best if you get sunglasses that prevent both sun glare from bright light. However, most people still opt for the more traditional non-polarized lenses because they are very attractive, simple, and do not interfere with your vision at all while driving. Polarized lenses, on the other hand, block both sun glare from bright light, which means that they are much better for your eyes than traditional non-polarized lenses, and will provide you with much better protection from the harmful effects of both sun and glare.
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