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  1. Hello my name is Abass my furry name is "The Almighty Pisinós", when I was a kid having a normal life like any normal people, I used to live in a village.
  3. So one summer day I was riding our family's pet donkey called Douglass under the sun carrying some glass back to our home, and suddenly the donkey suddenly stopped and started getting stressed out. I thought it was a sign of thirst, so I went down to fetch him some water, but this jackass was thirsty for something else, so out of the blue he jumped on my back and started humping me. Yes, our family donkey rubbed his hard meat against my butt.
  5. At first I was resisting, but right after the donkey's moans and his mating call while trying to penetrate me through my clothes, it felt really good at that moment. When he was done, I rode him back home. At night I couldn't sleep because I kept dreaming about that scene and boy oh boy it felt so good that I had wanted to repeat this experience again. It was my newly discovered fetish. The following morning I went around the donkey trying to make him do it again, but he ignored me completely the whole day.
  7. So I started thinking of a better solution, I tried to reach out to one lass and jokingly suggested those kinds of plays to her, but I was rudely rejected and she was disgusted by it. So I ignored her and started thinking of a better plan. That's when pet dog came into my mind. The next morning I begged my father to get us a pet dog, and I got one!
  9. As soon as our dog was home, I started training him to hump me. After going through thick and thin with my dog, it finally started humping on command, so I wore my character clothes (it was scuffed) went down on my knees and commanded him to hump me. The moment Cass (our dog) started, it felt weak compared to my first experience. I broke down in tears because after all that hassle and all my blood and sweat went in vain for training the dog in that way. My mom heard me crying, came rushing to my room just to find me in that position she was disgusted about my clothes more than letting my dog hump me. Yes, my mother caught me and Cass doing doggy style.
  11. That's how I got kicked out from my home, but I'm not feeling bad since I'm going to contribute to increasing the record of suicidal rate of furries very soon.
  13. So finally here comes my question to fulfill my last wish; how can I make our jackass fuck my ass before I jump from an overpass. Should I bait him with some grass?