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  1.  For the most powerful Brings about Maintaining Temperature.
  2.  Want to keep your contents cold and hot longer? The key is to preheat or pre-cool your thermos vacuum container. It's easy. Fill the container with trouble or cold water. Allow it to sit for a few moments. Empty and then refill together with you chosen beverage or food. Avoid using the microwave to heat your thermos vacuum bottle.
  3.  Cleaning
  4.  First, avoid two big mistakes. Don't wash it from the dishwasher. Wash yourself. Wash every part in warm mild soap and water. Use dishwashing soaps like Dawn or Ivory or any other mild dish soap. Rinse clean before using. Harsh abrasive cleaners and scrubbers can damage or tarnish the finishes and inside of the containers. Over time, they can even change the flavors of the stored foods and beverages.
  7.  Second, avoid chlorine or bleach. Why? Chlorine and several other strong stain removers attack the rubber gaskets inside your seals and lid. As time passes, your thermos vacuum contents will begin to leak.
  8.  Stubborn stains like coffee and tea are removable. A number of teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate and hot water could be left inside. Let it stand open for starters hour before rinsing thoroughly. On stubborn stains, soaking overnight produces excellent results. A bottle brush can help.
  9.  Some want to use vinegar instead. Instead of sodium bicarbonate, they mix 1 part white wine vinegar about three parts water. Allow it to set. The concentration could be stronger if required. On all cleaning, make sure to rinse adequately with water.
  10.  Wash the outside with a soft, damp cloth or sponge and wipe dry. Now use it.
  11.  There are several off the shelf cleaning products available, why not test utilizing a home remedy before by using a costlier method.
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