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  1.  Let's state you wish to drive a car with more power or a van which travels further on a tank of petrol. You can head to the nearest automobile and take a look at the latest Audi, BMW, or Mercedes vehicles. Or you can choose one quite simple step to improve the vehicle that you currently have.
  2.  The ECUengine control unit, contains many unique channels (programmes) that get a grip on all parts of fuel combustion and engine operation. Remapping that the ECU involves altering the maps -- carefully, together with amazing precision -- to acquire more power from the engine and optimise vehicle efficiency.
  3.  However, where does the extra power originate from? The funny thing is, it's experienced the engine along. Car makers routinely listen to their engines to limit power output. One reason to this is to make sure that their vehicles will run reliably in extreme climates and in places where fuel quality is so lousy.
  4.  Limiting engine power additionally has certain commercial advantages for car manufacturing companies. For instance, they could provide buyers an entry level model using a reasonably powered engine. Then they can tune the engine to get high BHP and torque and then sell the very same car as a more expensive upgraded model. Just a small bit sneaky -- however it is possible to certainly do the identical task. You may tune the engine on your car for longer power, only by remapping the ECU.
  5.  A fantastic ECU remap is totally customized to your car, the kind of driver you're, and also the advantages that you would like to gain. More power, more torque, and fuel economy should be anticipated from some other re-map. But you can often choose that benefit is more crucial to you and the technician will tune the new maps accordingly.
  6.  As an example, some drivers want maximum performance above everything else. Throttle response becomes acceleration and flatter is more smoother, allowing for assertive vehicle management and safer overtaking on highways. Such a remap will increase engine power up to 3-5 %, depending on the model of the car.
  7.  Other drivers are more enthusiastic about better driving, lower fuel bills, and reduced CO2 emissions. Remapping for fuel economy involves tuning the engine for longer low down torque. https://www.storeboard.com/blogs/crowdfunding/remapping-cars-to-receive-more-electricity-mpg-and-drivability/4804539 reduces the apparatus changes needed in regular driving, which in turn can lower fuel consumption and emissions. With this type of remap, drivers may view fuel savings of up to 20%.
  9.  Turbo diesel-powered motors will typically find the most dramatic progress from an ECU remap. If your car has a turbo gasoline engine or perhaps a normally aspirated engine, there was not as much possibility of improvement but it's still possible to obtain significant power gains out of the remap. Do not be afraid to contact the supplier and ask what they can do to help your particular automobile.
  10.  Remapping that the ECU on modern cars is safer and easier than previously. The tech doing the job doesn't need to clear away the engine control apparatus or tamper with any internal components. Instead, the search engine controller unit is remapped via the onboard Diagnostic interface, using the most recent software and equipment. The automobile's original map has been downloaded to the tech mobile computer, re written to the desired specs, and then flashed back to the ECU. A replica of the map is saved, so that you are able to return the engine to its prior tuning state at any stage later on.
  11.  After the remap, you'll instantly notice additional power and far better response in the car.
  12.  A properly done ECU remap may foster power and create driving more pleasure without hurting your car in any way. Simply consider the superb engineering that goes into modern vehicles -- it's almost a pity not to take complete advantage, wouldn't you say? Remapping the engine controller unit is a vehicle modification that may quickly turn your vehicle into a great one.