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  2.  https://freakgen.com/xbox/
  3.  Xbox Live Gift Codes are some of the most sought out gift cards out the industry.
  4.  Page above was the one I used.
  5.  People want to obtain access to the microsoft store, or xbox live, and both do not have funds or don't want to pay for it.
  6.  It's not surprising that people try to avoid having to pay for them.
  7.  That's why Xbox live gift card generators are so popular, even though many of them are fake, or patched, or don't work.
  8.  I'm one of the people who lost a lot of time trying to find a working xbox gift card tool.
  9.  I didn't understand why I was seeing people post proof but their tools weren't working for me, but then I finally found the working one.
  10.  I included the link to the website above.
  11.  How Can I Get Free Xbox Live Codes in 2020?
  12.  There are more legit ways to earn xbox live gift codes though, so here are a few methods I've tried.
  13.  But, honestly, some people are just too lazy to even do these.
  14.  The idea of spending your time actually working to slowly build up points just isn't attractive, even though that's kind of how the real world works in general.
  15.  Make a new account on xbox, you can get 2 weks of free xbox live gold this way.
  16.  Using the free trial of Xbox Live Gold is probably the best way to go about it, but the problem is that you have to have a credit card to successfully register.
  17.  Needing a credit card can be a big roadblock for people, and if you want to do back-to-back free trials infinitely, you're going to need an infinite amount of credit cards.
  18.  There are a few limitations to the xbox live trials, like 3 trial accounts per console.
  19.  You can try other things though.
  20.  There's always a few giveaways to be had to get free xbox live. You can do things like search Google for "xbox live giveaway", or also look it up on YouTube or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  21.  People on Reddit are cool and like to giveaway things, so you might be able to find something for xbox or gaming in general there.
  22.  There are especially a lot of giveaways around holiday seasons, so make sure you check all of these websites around Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the like.
  23.  Xbox Generators
  24.  People don't like to work though, so if you just want an unbelievably quick and easy method, just use the website I linked at the start of this post.
  25.  Have fun, and please share this post with others. It might end up helping someone a lot!