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  1.  Shannon Johnson
  2.  He wants a “fair” trial.... did he treat Boston fairly?!?!?! I think not!!! Did he treat the marathoners fairly?!?!?!?! I think not!!!!!! Did he treat the families fairly?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I think not!!!!!!!! The charges should have stood as they were handed out!!!
  3.  Too bad the living bomber didn’t “vacate” the notion of blowing people up during a marathon. He should have gotten the same fate his brother did. DOA
  4.  Why use ridiculous language -- vacate. Just say he will continue with free health care & free meals the rest of his life.
  5.  Do it anyway, I've lost all respect for judges these days. Really what is the point of them. They are supposed to be apolitical and there is absolutely no justification to over turn this.
  6.  https://amarketnews.com/2020/07/31/justin-timberlake-and-jessica-biel-baby-number-two-has-arrived/
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  8.  <br style="background-color: white; color: #333333; font-family: Roboto, sans-serif; font-size: 14px;" />
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  21.  Why? Did they give a reason? How can they watch Marathon bombing footage and not follow through with his execution like he executed those innocent people and maimed countless others? Spineless federal court.
  22.  There should be https://amarketnews.com/ on him and the folks responsible for this.
  23.  Maybe he could be guarded by Epstein’s guards instead.
  24.  I’m surprised he’s not released due to Covid,seems like all governors are releasing everyone
  25.  I don’t take the death of anyone as good; however, there are some criminal acts that are so evil it is justified and should be done swiftly. This is one case where it seems justified. This person knew what he was doing, planned it and then did it. He is responsible for his actions and should endure the consequences
  26.  If the Democrats get their way he will be able to vote as well.
  27.  Just more proof that our country has turned upside down and inside out to protect evil and abandon support for the innocent.
  28.  The fact that this person is still breathing after the actions he placed on people is exactly what is wrong with our justice system. It is also an example why we tolerate so much violence in our own country
  29.  How about get his side of the story so he can rat out the democrats that made him a patsy.
  30.  So wrong!!! Probably liberal judges!!! He killed several people including a cop and a small boy. Remember those that lost limbs. He deserves to die!!!
  31.  Death sentence should be reserved for the most heinous criminals. Box checked. On https://www.usalocalities.com/ , the thought of him being stuck in prison forever is not so bad. - Editing this comment since some thought I meant his crime was not heinous. By saying &quot;heinous criminals, box checked&quot; I meant his crime qualifies as heinous. I definitely don't want that misunderstood!
  32.  They should bring back the old west justice system. You’re found guilty and the next day you are hung!! In all murder cases now I’d give them a yr then use the death penalty.
  33.  We shouldn't have fed it this long. Animals like that should be put down where they are found.
  34.  Wait a minute... he intentionally caused trauma to the region, knowing he could cause the death of the ppl in the area but it’s unfair to him that he couldn’t find a “fair” jury in the area due to the trauma he caused? Makes perfect sense