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  1. Hold on sec. young lady with that baby in your belly
  2. And that body with so little innocent left.
  3. Is that stupid, pathetic little
  4. Brain of yours thinking you’re so naïve and pure?
  5. Get a grip, you fool.
  7. Hold on one sec. young man.
  8. What kind of scum are you?
  9. Now that you’ve plucked that little girl’s precious flower
  10. And promised her the moon,
  11. You’re taking to your heels?
  12. Leaving her with a few casual words?!
  13. Go to hell, you asshole.
  15. “When, oh when is it coming out?
  16. Pregnant girl, oh pregnant girl.”
  17. Just some cheap “sumpathy”
  18. Born from between the sheets,
  19. For you, my dear
  20. Thought you certainly seem fond of that cynical
  21. Mocking attitude.
  22. In the end,
  23. Everyone shall end up in the bottom of Hell
  24. (They’ll all be dragged down there.)
  30. Aaa
  31. (Alas)The hero of justice is crying,
  32. Now that the happiness
  33. He fought so hard to gain
  34. After some mutual fondling and fulfilling
  35. Has been taken from him.
  36. How much easier it would be
  37. If only he could forget
  38. Those moments of much embracing,
  39. Fighting and sharing
  41. Scraped skin full of scabs,
  42. Incredible points of pleasure
  43. Such ridiculousness, with a
  44. Hint of lovingness
  45. Don’t tell me, you’re falling back into that silly,
  46. I want everything my way mode?
  47. Looks like you’ve still got a lot to learn
  49. Is it about time?
  50. “Gotta catch up with everyone!”
  51. With some mindless babble mixed in?
  52. “Stuc wandering in this maze!”
  53. Eyes growing teary?
  54. “The lost child is trying hard!”
  56. In the first place, we’re all supposed to become
  57. The bulding blocks for the future.
  58. (Such is our lot in life.)
  59. Aaa
  60. (Alas) The tragic heroine is crying,
  61. Now that the happiness
  62. She managed to seize
  63. After much prettying up
  64. And putting up with the pains
  65. Has been taken from her.
  66. How much easier it would be
  67. If only she could forget
  68. Those memories of sharing,
  69. Sparring and mutual comforting
  71. Even if you bluff it,
  72. Your lie’s gonna come out.
  73. Even if you you’re scared,
  74. There’s still gonna be some blood.
  75. Look, the cut you tried to hide is reopening
  76. “Even if you don’t like it,
  77. The wounds are gonna hurt.”
  88. Recalling the memories from back then,
  89. When we fooled around,
  90. Gazing into each other’s eyes,
  91. Talking about our future.
  92. I feel like wallowing a little in
  93. These pessimistic thoughts,
  94. Back then,
  95. When I’d run up to you,
  96. And we’d nestle close, laughing together.
  97. I just wanna forget about it all