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  1.  In https://kn95mask.livejournal.com/380.html against the corona virus, medical staff count on respiratory masks and protecting equipment. The Federal Government's disaster staff has therefore prohibited their export. Other nations around the world ended up more rapidly.
  2.  For times they have been difficult to arrive by in many places or are only provided on the internet at overpriced rates. Respirators are a sought-following commodity in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. In a clinic in Reduced Saxony, 1200 confront masks have already been stolen from a storage space.
  3.  Since healthcare staff are not able to function properly with out this kind of masks and other equipment this kind of as gloves and protecting suits, the Corona disaster crew has now prohibited the Federal Authorities from exporting overseas. A corresponding ban has been released in the Federal Gazette. In accordance to the info, exceptions are only attainable below slim circumstances, particularly in the context of concerted worldwide help campaigns.
  5.  In addition, the Federal Ministry of Well being is originally dependable for the central procurement of these kinds of products for health-related practices, hospitals and federal authorities.
  6.  The effect of the masks is presently overestimated by many citizens. In accordance to experts, healthier folks do not need masks in each day existence, particularly given that the protective impact of a lot of merchandise is restricted. It makes a lot more perception for the sick to wear safety so that they do not infect other people.
  8.  France confiscates respirators
  9.  Other nations around the world have currently taken comparable measures. The French government confiscated all stocks of respirators yesterday. According to President Emmanuel Macron, they are to be distributed to overall health workers and French people infected with the virus, and are in any other case only obtainable by prescription. The government also desires to avoid additional "hamster purchases" that have just lately pushed costs up.
  11.  Close to two,000 surgical masks were stolen from a clinic in Marseille. To day, France has unveiled 10 million masks from its strategic reserves to make them obtainable to hospitals and physicians. The total French reserves are approximated at one hundred sixty million masks.
  12.  The authorities now desires to cap the prices for disinfectant gel after shares are turning into scarce in a lot of spots and usury charges are becoming demanded, stated Economics Minister Bruno Le Maire. He did not comment on the peak of the price cap. Nevertheless, he emphasized that it was "just as effective to clean your hands with soap". However, the disinfectants are in need. The NDR also reported that 200 liters had recently disappeared from the University Hospital in Lübeck.
  13.  WHO: Supplies are speedily working out
  14.  The "Planet Health Organization" is also anxious with the "hamster purchases" that can be observed in many countries. Globally supply is more and more at chance "from escalating demand from customers, hoarding and abuse" of respirators, disposable gloves and other protective equipment, stated WHO Director Basic Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The materials ran out speedily. As a consequence, physicians, nursing employees and other well being treatment staff are "dangerously poorly equipped to treatment for Covid 19 clients".
  15.  According to Tedros, the costs for surgical masks have elevated 6-fold, tripled for ventilators and far more than doubled for protective garments. The worldwide supply of individual protective equipment must be elevated by 40 per cent, Tedros mentioned, and urged governments to incentivize manufacturers. WHO estimates that all around 89 million respirators and seventy six million examination gloves are employed each month.
  17.  Preferred items from intruders
  18.  Stories of legal organization with the masks are increasing from Asia. The police in the west of Jakarta confiscated about 600,000 parts. The sellers experienced no approval, mentioned a police spokesman in Indonesia. In the Southeast Asian nation, a box that is in any other case offered for twenty,000 rupiah (one.thirty euros) at the moment fees up to 500,000 rupiah (32 euros).
  19.  The Ministry of Health in Thailand felt compelled to clarify something: The masks utilized in medication are not reusable. The law enforcement had earlier arrested a group that washed and bought masks. Health Minister Panpimol Wipulakorn stated it was unlawful and unsafe to health.