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  3.  The game of poker is also considered, as its fundamental connection to gambling and also its gender biases pointed toward places that American culture was going. Sundown, it can be accurately argued, along with D’Arcy McNickle’s The Surrounded in 1936, laid the foundation for the renaissance in Native American fiction that would begin with N. Scott Momaday’s House Made of Dawn three decades later. 바카라사이트 O w e n s 163 recently observed, “Within Native American Literary studies, John Joseph Mathews has consistently played the role of sidekick to his better known contemporary D’Arcy McNickle” (127). Schedler attributes this neglect to various causes, including characterization of Mathews as “assimilationist,” and faulty readings of Mathews’s work “through the lenses of naturalism or social realism, modes that privilege a tragic view of the vanishing American’” (127).1 In joining such critics as A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff, Lee Schweninger, Robert Allen Warrior, and me in undertaking a reassessment and reappraisal of Mathews’s opus, Schedler offers an interesting analysis of the Osage author’s work through a lens very familiar to old-school academics: that of modernism with its emphasis upon “irony, humor, and narrative experimentation,” finding “modernist aesthetics transformed and adapted in their interaction with the other primary influence on Mathews, namely Native American (specifically Osage) cultural practices” (129). The handful of critics who have, in fact, paid close attention to Mathews have for the most part focused on his major novel, Sundown, published in 1934, a work generally defined as a seminal moment in Native American fiction.
  5.  “D is t u r b e d b y S o m e t h in g D e e p e r ”: T h e N a t iv e A r t o f J o h n J o s e p h M a t h e w s L o u i s O w e n s In a bitterly cold January, temperatures dove to twenty-six below zero in the blackjack hills of northeastern Oklahoma, and John Joseph Mathews wrote in his memoir, Talking to theMoon, “White hunger stalked the blackjacks, and the cold winds rattled their winter-dead leaves and screamed across the prairie” (20). Mathews, great-grandson of missionary, Bible translator, and legendary mountain man Old Bill Williams and Williams’s Osage wife, A-Ci’n-Ga, had come home in 1929 from a failed marriage and a brief career in Los Angeles real estate to settle among the blackjack oaks in the Osage country of his birth.
  7.  The self John Joseph Mathews came home to find in Osage coun try in 1929 was surpassingly complex. A novelistic account of the story of the Osage experience in Indian Territory and Oklahoma, relying heavily on the actual journals of Major Laban J. Miles, agent to the Osage, Wah’Kon-Tah was a Book-ofthe -Month Club selection and established Mathews as a known writer. In an ongoing debate about statistical reasoning competency, one view claims that pictorial representations help tap into the frequency coding mechanisms, whereas another view argues that pictorial representations simply help one to appreciate general subset relationships. Furthermore, a frequency interpretation of the ambiguous numerical information was also associated with superior performance. Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald describes in the video below the features of this HUD that he feels make it superior to its better-known counterparts. The room also features 15 high-definition screens. Authors' Disclosures or Potential Conflicts of Interest:Upon manuscript submission, all authors completed the author disclosure form.
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