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  1.  Sir Wilfrid, a distinguished London lawyer, is just leaving the hospital, coupled with an obsessive nurse-nurse, as he immediately gets an incredibly interesting case with the doorway. https://pbase.com/topics/enginelayer17/at_the_start_was_the_mother His new client Leonard Vole is charged with killing ladies with whom he had a relatively strange relationship. The Vole case is aggravated by a few facts - reinforced concrete evidence, the inheritance which the rich murdered woman copied towards boy, and also the suspect's wife herself, Christina, who clearly conceived her own game during this tangled case. https://www.topfind88.com/post/1545252/in-the-beginning-was-the-mother I watched that great detective movie Witness to the Prosecution (1957) on #link# online with free streaming in HD.
  2.  An outstanding screen version with the play by Agatha Christie, shot in the most common banter style for Billy Wilder. The plot is intriguing here, as well as denouement (especially in case you have not see the work with the writer) is very amazing. But besides this, Wilder had been subtly and quite wittily Americanize a purely British make use of a mass of jokes, jokes, which developed a special flavor just for this film. The director remained true to himself, and as part of his usual way combined the tough tragic litigation with light and while doing so mise-en-scènes which are organic for your plot outline. Although, if Wilder knew how to locate funny things in a production in regards to a Nazi concentration camp ("Prisoner of War Camp No. 17"), then it had not been so hard for him to face one German storyline, took part in the film by a genuine German woman - Marlene Dietrich.
  4.  And within this film, full-fledged Celebrities of your 30s played their swan songs. Charles Lawton received his last Oscar nomination with the role of lawyer Wilfrid, and regarding me, he was the one that deserved more for any statuette in 1958 than his compatriot Alec Guinness. Lawton was the principle driver of your whole production, combining together the portrait of an intellectual lawyer (the top in his field) plus a comical fat man, in reference to his weaknesses and irritations, that's terribly pestered by the nurse-nurse. But these was only played by Lawton's real wife Elsa Lanchester, who also deserved to get an Oscar for this role. When you're beginning, Lanchester's role was purely cosmetic and her character would not by any means affect the path of the judge showdown, nevertheless it was through this comic confrontation along the "lawyer-nurse" line the most attractive character emerged from Lawton's hero.
  6.  Among the last roles in the film, this film was for 56-year-old Marlene Dietrich, who in their own years, while in the role of the calculating and demonstratively cold German wife, looked simply amazing. Of course, make-up artists were in charge of this type of "picture", but Need to admit that Marlene in their sixties kept herself in great shape. Along with the actress played, in addition, when it comes to expression and strain finally, too, excellently. It is rather strange why film academics ignored this role of Dietrich. Finally, this film was one more inside career of 43-year-old Tyrone Power, who sincerely been a suspect while in the murder of hubby. He played well (although he became a bit dissolving against the backdrop of Lawton and Dietrich), but we really can say that this was among the best roles of your most interesting actor in his rich biography. Already in 1958 he can die of heart disease and another could only imagine what number of roles he could not finish playing ...
  7.  A textbook forensic detective that competed equally with another legendary 1957 court production, 12 Angry Men. Billy Wilder all over again showed the class.
  8.  7.5 away from 10