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  1. This is Widelands Version build-20 (Release)
  2. Set home directory: /home/purumi/.widelands
  3. There's no configuration file, using default values.
  4. Adding directory: /usr/share/games/widelands/data
  5. selected language: (system language)
  6. using locale ko_KR.UTF-8
  7. Graphics: Try to set Videomode 800x600
  8. glewInit returns 1
  9. Your OpenGL installation must be __very__ broken. Missing GL version
  11. Caught exception (of type '10WException') in outermost handler!
  12. The exception said: [/build/widelands-p0nwvP/widelands-20/src/graphic/gl/initialize.cc:138] glewInit returns 1: Broken OpenGL installation.
  14. This should not happen. Please file a bug report on version build-20(Release).
  15. and remember to specify your operating system.