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  1.  ´╗┐patio cover
  3.  <p>If you are looking to use a patio across the year, you will need a patio cover. The cover will preserve you from the cruel rays of the sun in summer and rain in winter. Patio covers do not want to be costly and you have got options. A simple patio cover can be a DIY job, but experts should set up more complicated and greater patio covers. </p>
  5.  <p>How Much Does a Patio Cover Cost?goes into some patio cover costs and shows alternative routes to hide a patio. The cost of a patio cover will depend upon the materials used and the scale of the patio. Treated pine is one of the least expensive elements, but Colorbond patio covers also are well-known. An outdoor kitchen can be an excellent addition to a patio and it doesn't must be a full kitchen. It could be a barbeque area only or you could set up a fridge and a sink. If you would like electrical energy, you're going to wish to hire an electrician and a plumber can set up a sink for you. </p>
  7.  <p>How Much Does an Outdoor Kitchen Cost?goes into prices of outdoor kitchens from budget kitchens to more fully featured kitchens. If you're setting up electrical energy, think about lighting and heating on your patio. Lighting will let you use the patio at night and heating may be a nice touch during the winter months. Heating ideas on your outside space gives a number of pointers on heating a patio or other outdoor space. The article also suggests buying more comfy outdoor furniture with cushions and also using rugs outdoors when the elements is cold. When you add it up, a patio can be relatively costly, but you don't have to do every little thing directly. </p>
  9.  <p>Start with the patio floor and add a patio cover. Then which you could add patio furniture and more as your budget allows. A barbecue in the patio does not must cost much and plants are in your price range, but can enliven any patio space. Your budget will decide what that you could afford, but even supposing you've got a conveyable barbeque and conveyable heating, you could have a snug patio which you can use all year 'round. If you are looking to add a built in barbecue later and higher heating, your patio may be even more comfy, but concentrate on what you are looking to use it for and in addition consider installation sliding or bifold doors to open the patio up to the indoor area. </p>
  11.  <p>Have a look at our Patio Ideas pages for some eye-catching patios, both large and small. One of them is sure to appeal to you. </p>