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  1.  I was surfing with a friend recently and he left the comment that his surfboard was beginning to get waterlogged. I couldn't find any observable harm to his board, so that I asked him to show me the damage. I was astonished to hear it had been just several very tiny dings. Really only tiny holes not much bigger than you can create by poking the surfboard, say using your own pencil. It won't work on larger cracks or even larger holes, were simply talking about small punctures. Any dings larger than 50 percent of the size of a dime are too high for Sun Cure to get the job done.
  2.  My friend hadn't mended these tiny holes because he thought it would mean carrying the surfboard into the browse shop to have it repaired. He'd then be with no surfboard for a couple of days or simply he was only too darned economical to really have the surfboard repaired.
  3.  There's a very simple to use product on the market to repair little dings on your surfboard. It's therefore simple, you can't mess up a repair with this substance, and also the bonus is the fact that it will not even cost ten dollars. It is known as Sun Cure plus just one tube of the material is enough to accomplish about 10 small ding fixes. I keep mine in the fridge and it is still good following per year. After we ended surfing this afternoon we stopped at at the SURFSHOP in Dominical Costa Rica and he also bought a tube.
  5.  On the ride home, he had been asking me how to accomplish the repair also he was convinced I was leaving out something. 24 hours later he showed me how the surfboard and has been laughing since it was very simple.
  6.  Here are the measures to simple fix using Sun Cure:
  7.  Ensure that you are in a shadowed, ventilated area. The shade is therefore the wax onto your surfboard doesn't melt while you're achieving so repair. Additionally, you can't do this to each day if it is raining, but you can still do it in an overcast day, the Sun Heal only takes longer to wash.
  8.  Lightly sand the location you want to mend. If your ding isn't big, go easy here since you truly won't need to use a lot more than is necessary to fill the hole.
  9.  Once you've lightly sanded the spot, wipe it clean with a clean cloth.
  10.  Locate a wooden Popsicle stick to apply the Sun Heal (or some thing different you don't mind throwing away as soon as your finished ). You don't need to combine this, it's ready to go right out of this tube. Open up the tube of Sun Cure and put a little dab on the stick. Only spread Sunlight Cure in the hole. Attempt to make it as simple as possible to expel sanding as it's tender.
  11.  https://www.plantlifeinthegarden.org.uk/uncategorized/learn-how-to-surf-create-your-fantasy-come-true-and-ride-a-wave-now/ out in to sunlight and angle the surfboard so that the area that you want to harden is facing at direction of the sun.
  12.  Place a towel over the rest of one's surfboard and as long as you never neglect to come get your surfboard in several minutes, your wax will still be fine in your own surfboard.
  13.  If it's a bright day the Sun Cure will undoubtedly be hard in just five minutes. If it's tight sunlight you give it 6 to 8 minutes also whether it's a cloudy day give it 10 to 20 minutes.
  14.  Once it's hardened, take your surfboard from this sun and it is ready for a light sanding to get it nice and smooth. If you don't do this part, there usually are hard little bits that stickup. I was in a hurry once and did not bother sanding down it. The repair was one of the rails along with the whole semester I had been out, I kept hitting my hands with this tiny sharp bulge. Take the 60 seconds to lightly sand your fix down once it's done curing in the sun.
  15.  That's it, you and your surfboard are prepared going to the beach, unless ofcourse you went and did something else while it was drying from sunlight and forgot about that. If that happened you will have turn outside to observe that a soggy, waxy mess on your own surfboard. Today you'll have to bring the measure of clearing the mess and re-applying a fresh coat of wax to your surfboard. Take my advice, as soon as you've put your surfboard outside from sunlight don't go doing something while it's drying, do not even answer the phone.
  16.  Whether you're young or older you are able to SURF! You'll discover a completely free online surf educational and guide surf videos.