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  1. "1. Dude, you clearly haven't heard of sperm donors, sperm banks or even IVF. This shows just how much research you have actually done on the subject or even how much you actually know about the LGBT."
  3. This method is not used by an overwhelming amount of homosexuals. In fact, only around 6% of homosexuals have a biological child - 94% do not have any biological children. This shows that homosexuality does impair the ability to reproduce by over 90%, which is eligible to be classified as a mental illness. If you were to do any research about it, you would have known that homosexuals do not reproduce - that is common sense, as a first. The second, even the data shows that I am rightful, as merely 6% on average do reproduce. Most of which being women, though still, "most" in this instance isn't convincing, as it is a "most" of a "tiny minority".
  5. "No, even if we were all 100% homosexuals, we wouldn't go extinct."
  7. Not my argument, but since we are here, I might as well discuss it. If all people were homosexual, based on the data shown above, the total population would drop significantly from billions to millions, as they would be unable to reproduce at a fast enough rate. In addition, compelling billions of homosexuals that in their core most of which express no need for children or even the total opposite - dislike to them, would be, to say the least, "difficult". As they have no connection to humanity whatsoever and by definition driven by lust.
  9. " For example, there are plenty of lesbian couples where one of them chooses to carry a child in her own womb and then raisee them with her girlfriend or wife."
  11. 7% of women or 3% of men are "plenty enough" to sustain humanity? Maybe another way around, do you know how the Human Fertility index works? Do you know how many people a person each needs to make just to make a balanced population with no gain or losses, assuming no crime, no famine, no disasters, etc? One Child per each person - 2 children for a couple, a minimum. To that, only an avg. of 6% of homosexuals have a child. And 63% of those that have a child (including adopted children) have a single child. 30% Have 2 children. The other 7% have 3 or more. Only 37% of this 6% [assuming that they are all biological which obviously aren't] make at least an even on the human population. 37% of 6% is 2.22%. Only 2% of Homosexuals make an even on the fertility rate, which is even lower than 6% by almost three times.
  13. "So this is basically how the argument you've been relying so much on turns into shreds."
  15. If you were self-aware you would have known that these shreds aren't mine - but yours, they are shreds of your current argument, as I have shown you above.
  17. Should I go to the next arguments or save you the embarrassment? I'm gonna give you a bit of mercy and just do one more, so as to you can hold to at least a single argument in your sleep, as of not to completely turn your world around, just maybe 120 degrees around instead of 180.
  19. "2. ...Marrying isn't a duty... You don't marry "for the state" or "for society""
  21. I'm gonna make this one short. In the current civilization, marriage has been completely destroyed and replaced with a mere shadow of itself - as for instance by allowing those who can't reproduce to take part in an institution which goal was to reproduce - quite pointless. Marriages in history had an overwhelming amount of value. They signed peace treaties, alliances deals that made the entire Nations rise and fall. The simplest counterargument to you is the historical one. There were hundreds if not thousands of marriages which in its own purpose were to bring benefits for their own Nation, their own people - as with said examples to bring peace, prosperity, strength, and allies, marriage had an incredible amount of political value back in time, unfortunately, it lost it thanks to reforms that only weakened societies and gave them fewer abilities to prosper, unite, develop, exist. I'm not going into other meanings as I believe that I explained it here or in other comments on this video, if not, then not, I want to make this as short as possible without going in length as to explain every detail.
  23. "You marry someone because you love them, period, that should have been obvious."
  25. That is one of the reasons to marry someone, that is true, however thinking that this is the only reason people married, marry, and will marry is very gullible, ignorant and just wrong, I have already given a historical reason which I believe is the best to you as you don't have to think to understand it, just acknowledge it. Perhaps not as meaningful, but will do for now.
  27. "Marriages should only affect those who are involved in them"
  28. 1. Ditto. Read above.
  29. 2. Why should they? Because you say so? Removing power from an institution because "you feel it's as it is supposed to be" is not enough, frankly speaking. Your feelings are below the state of societies, unless you're an egoist, then I won't explain it to you, as you believe you're more important than civilizations, societies, and therefore will change them based on your own feelings that have nothing to do with the future of the state - positive one, that is.
  31. "People esentially come to weddings to be happy because the couple is happy together. "
  33. Ditto. Everything that I have about this comment was already explained above.
  35. "Also, does that mean gays can't be patriots?"
  37. Never said they can't. A person that has a mental illness can still do a lot for the benefit of the country if he is conscious of said illness and does his best to make it as least impactful as possible, while doing things to improve society, such as volunteering for social programs to help people, participate in military service, engage in politics with the means to benefit the society as a whole to the best of his ability. Handicapped people can be patriotic and can help, are they mentally handicapped or physically, some more, some less.
  39. "How does who you're with even affect how you see your country?"
  41. There's a magnitude of reasons that affect how they can change how you view your country. One can change you for something better or worse - because you are in a marriage and you are in a deep relationship so that you're affectionate towards the other person and you weigh your partner's word more than anybody else - which makes your partner easier to manipulate you than anybody else. It is really simple psychology, you will be more likely to believe and be influenced by people you care about than those you don't, and if you're under an institution which at least was supposed to have a large value for you and your partner, it makes it an even bigger impact, is it a lot bigger, or a bit bigger, still bigger.
  43. I will save you the trouble and embarrassment and I won't touch your third argument, take it as a gift. If you still want to continue the discussion, such as where did I get my numbers to source from, you can decide to keep going, although I don't think you're in a position to dictate the truth if you feel like a god I guess I can't stop you from trying. However, be aware, I will most likely write even more than before if you wish to continue, if that's okay with you.