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  1.  Thousands connected with massage parlours in Asia have re-opened with customers wearing masks and 'small talk' banned.
  2.  Thailand officials said the country seemed to be entering into the third level of raising rigorous Covid-19 prevention procedures which have got been in place given that Strut.
  3.  New daily infections were in single results, or perhaps falling to actually zero, for most of May in addition to many of these were via repatriated excellent.
  4.  More than two hundred, 000 rub down employees can now start generating once again with shops helped to perform legally for the first time considering Strut 18.
  5.  http://ulsanfullsalon.com/1212 has also recently been shortened to 11pm right until 3am and night clubs remain closed.
  6.  Dr Akom Praditsuwan, deputy director-general of the Team of Health Program Support, said massage parlours will have to comply along with strict principles.
  7.  They contain all staff members and clients having to have on hides, temperature checks and clients scanning a looking up software package or submitting their particular label and phone numbers when they enter.
  8.  There can only become one client, or masseuse, per sales space and massage chairs must be a single. 5 metre distances apart.
  9.  Medical professional Akom Praditsuwan said of which ''small talk'' concerning buyers and massage employees has been banned as the droplets in the air could very well spread the disease.
  10.  Jai, typically the operator of the massage purchase on the Sukhumvit Street, said: ''The pandemic provides affected my company extremely badly. There has been recently no income for me or the staff, hence everyone has suffered.
  11.  ''We're happy to be in a position in order to open again and we will abide by all of the government guidelines. ''
  13.  Thailand has documented 3, 082 cases regarding Covid-19 and 57 deaths. Tourists are still banned through entering often the land together with repatriated excellent are saved in mandatory quarantine facilities to get 14 times.