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  1.  Secretariat software is amongst the finest secretariat software and letter records available in Iran. This software has been produced and prepared specifically based on the conditions and terms of administrative correspondence in Iran. The computer programming in the secretarial method under the internet is exclusive while using most up-to-date technologies, that has managed to get simple and user-pleasant.
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  3.  The only secretarial software or digital signal business office software is an easy but extremely powerful software, which is made to deal with the secretarial issues of various companies and firms with many different capabilities, high security and user friendly. In the secretariat system, internal, outgoing and incoming words along with its info is signed up from the process as well as its attachments and images are stored in the program.
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  7.  To purchase the secretariat software, use the assessment listing and get of your secretariat software.
  8.  The style of the software continues to be in line with the opinions of over 200 Iranian secretariat officials and managers.
  9.  The system is licensed by the Great Informatics Authority and has greater than 3,000 lively buyers in the country.
  10.  Its assist providers (free training, installation and support) are given personally and internet based.
  11.  The device is entirely website-includes and based one year of cost-free assist.
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