From DanishSoup, 2 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. Gaben
  2. Rage is pretty much a team sweaper. Only true counter is medic. Rework buffed his speed and his rage is pretty much the same just faster
  3. and no stun. Its a double edge sword of Gaben having less reaction time to seek reds but also less reaction time of reds reacting to Gabens rage.
  5. Doom Guy
  6. Best part about him is his ability to 1 hit classes that arent an overhealed heavy or have any invulnerability and his jump helping out his
  7. near 1 hit capibilities. Power ups are a nice touch and helps Doom by a lot on certain maps like Turret Testing. Rage is fine when dealing with sentries.
  9. Mario
  10. Mario's lives reduce % damage meaning he takes less from spies, markets, and cabers. His rage gives uber, flares, and stuns.
  12. Cave Johnson
  13. Near endless supply of grenades. Good for taking out nests from out of sightlines and groups of reds. Rage gets better the more you kill and stuns.
  15. Predator
  16. Can go invisible. Invisibility wipes all status effects including afterburn and makes reds paranoid. Can 1 hit buildings and can get invis back
  17. from skulls or waiting. Rage is meh, very inaccurate but you'll get it back pretty fast. Invis dive bombs are good for singling out groups of reds.
  18. His knife can also backstab.
  20. Bill
  21. Pretty standard vanilla boss. Rage gives a high damage shotgun and stuns. Hp is high too. Whats more to say about him?
  23. Chaddiger
  24. A good chad knows how to abuse his abilities and look out for spies. Blubber can make people stuck inside small areas and stop
  25. reds from blast jumping, and his explosion can be combined with his teleport if you rage first then teleport. His counter is mostly spies
  26. and market soldiers.
  28. Snake
  29. Rage gives a disguise that takes no knockback and fools sentries. It also gives some uber and a revolver which is good for taking out mobile classes.
  31. Abe
  32. Rage steals weapons for damaging buildings and rage 2 can do crits when jarate'd. Double jump with a jump bonus, high jump, and instant weighdown
  33. are Abes best way for mobility and can screw up people's aim. Has a low health formula.
  35. Sonic
  36. Rage gives sonic resistances and rage 2 gives uber, crits, and flight. Also has a double jmup, high jump, and instant weighdown. R ability gives him
  37. speed, knockback immunity, and mini crits. Use it sparingly though. Has a really low health formula and does the lowest melee damage for boss. Main
  38. counter is kgb heavy.
  40. Shrek
  41. Also another standard vanilla boss. When he has lower hp, he becomes faster than a scout and his rage can stun with a screen effect. He also has
  42. the best weighdown being more instant than Miku's and Jack's.
  44. Ass pancakes
  45. Another standard vanilla boss. Rage gives uber, stuns, and thats it. Nothing too gimmicky about him.
  47. Radigan
  48. Has one of the best gun rages. His minigun does a lot of damage with crits but slow you down to a crawl. You can sorta bypass it by super jumping then
  49. pulling his minigun out and ripping through reds.
  51. One punch man
  52. Mostly recognized for his 1 shot capabilities which kill even if the player is invulnerable. His rage gives knockback immunity and his parachute
  53. can reach insanse speeds when used correctly. Unfortunately, he has one of the lowest health formulas and gets ragdolled on knockback.
  55. Pootis bird (post nerf)
  56. Pootis used to be an A tier boss but he got nerfed. No longer having a super jump and his R ability speed change is slower. He now relies on his R
  57. ability to get up heights and get crits. His rage spawns minions with crits which can be scouts if the player chooses to be and gets crits himself.
  59. The rock (post buff)
  60. Rock luckly got a buff making him one of the worst bosses to a mid boss. Now being faster and his rage making him even faster and have knockback
  61. immunity with a kill aura. Rock also has Doom's ability to semi 1 shot. Great for taking out engi nests and spies. Unfortunately he gets stalled from
  62. soldiers and scouts a lot.
  64. DK (reworked)
  65. No longer having his blind piss rage and being a pretty vanilla boss, DK has fallen off a bit from the tier list because of his gimmicks. His rage
  66. now shoots a coconut gun that does a lot of damage being paired up with his temporary strength buff effect. The cannon sadly gets deleted with the
  67. short circuit and can be used against him with airblast. Making his rage almost useless depending on the players. His R ability is a dash which is
  68. good for chasing far away reds and his mouse3 ability gives him faster but less powerful fists.
  70. Pig (post rage rework)
  71. Pig's old rage was good for unintentional kills but now his new rage is harder to kill with. His tnt-spenser hardly kills anyone and neither does the
  72. fireworks. His hitbox is small-ish which is good for dodging certain things, his resistances on rage is good for survivability,
  73. and his passive ability to heal on kill is a good touch.
  75. Globama
  76. While pig has the smallest hitbox, Globama has the biggest hitbox of his whole head being a head hitbox. Amby spies and snipers annihilate globama
  77. with ease. But he does have a resistance to crit damage, his rage is good for crowd controll, his 2nd rage is for making others fail at hitting your
  78. hitbox by being very large in the cost of making everyone in 0 gravity, and his 3rd rage is good for taking down heavy targets by making everyone take
  79. minicrits. Abusing super jump and weighdown is your best bet
  81. Miku
  82. One of the worst bosses to deal with sentries. I'd recommend to kill all engis in the start with Miku. Her thriller is most known for being annoying
  83. by making everyone taunt but can be evaded by bhopping. Her 2nd rage are just cleavers that do a lot of damage. They can regenerate too. She also
  84. has an instant weighdown. She has no way of dealing with camping engis though as her rages do nothing towards sentries.
  86. Handsome Jack
  87. Handsome Jack is a boss that I'd say fell the hardest when it came to nerfs. His invis ability is good for dealing with nests, dive bombing reds,
  88. and making reds paranoid. His 2nd rage is just a random weapon. The weapon you get is random spanning from really good like the iron bomber which
  89. mows down groups, to bad like the pretty boys pocket pistol. He also has an instant weighdown.
  91. Nepgear
  92. Her rage gives a sniper rifle with 4 ammo. They do 75 damage that can headshot which is good for taking out engis camping in a nest, 2nd rage gives
  93. her mini crits which can be paired up with her HDD form, and her 3rd rage gives her resistances. Her R ability makes her go into her HDD form which
  94. gives her a faster swing speed. Just like Miku, she doesn't have the best way of killing engis camping on certain spots but she at least has 1 way
  95. of dealing with them. The resistances dont help much in terms of knockback.
  97. Darth Vader (post re-rework)
  98. While not as bad as his old rework, I feel like Vader needs a buff again. His rage summons stormtroopers which have very inaccurate aim, they sometimes
  99. kill but most of the time they die or get stuck in boss's spawn like in weapons depot. His chainlightning has been moved to R and he can still 1 shot
  100. danger shield snipers. While hes not bad, hes still hard to win with.
  102. Demopan
  103. Demopan is also one of those bosses thats been reworked to the ground. Once being a high tier boss to being the lowest. His charge is still there
  104. although now limited based on rage while his rage damage being at 5000. He will most of the time never use his stun rage due to how his charge drains
  105. it. Hes also one of the slowest bosses on foot.