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  1. (how to climb the ranks)
  2. think about the enemy comp and how it is countered
  3. communicate and ping your teammates to help
  4. only play in suitable conditions, cool weather- after eating not before- not stressed/bored
  5. practice warding and gold management, keep playing games to develop a muscle memory
  6. play mindgames to prove to yourself what u did good and bad
  7. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  8. (weapons' abilities names)
  9. gravitum q > eclipse
  10. calibrum q > Moonshot
  11. severum q > onslaught
  12. crescendum q > sentry
  13. Infernum q > Duskwave
  14. every ability that has gravitum as secondry weapon is named Binding
  15. every ability that has calibrum as secondry weapon is named Precision
  16. every ability that has severum as secondry weapon is named Resurgent
  17. every ability that has crescendum as secondry weapon is named Arcing
  18. every ability that has infernum as secondry weapon is named Incendiary
  19. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  20. (runes)
  21. Conqueror {extended fights, or really short one shot fights}
  22. Press the attack {short trades, single target dps}
  23. Lethal Tempo {lane prio available, against lots of tanks}
  24. Fleet Footwork {against two pokes and with a useless support}
  26.  Precision: overheal {sustain early, late game}- Presensce of mind {spell spam, extended lane perma fights}
  27.             alacrity {damage option}- bloodline {if you lack healing}
  28.             coup de grace {starting d.blade}- cutdown {starting cull}
  30.  sorcery (against scaling): (nimbus cloak- absolute focus), gathering storm {late game damage and mobility}
  31.  Domination (against early): taste of blood (trading), Ravenous Hunter (clutch) {no gathering storm :<, gives you alacrity}
  32.  inspiration (situationals): magical footwear (on safe pasive lanes that you won't recall often on/ or kills are easy)
  33.                     Biscuit delivery (use on low health-mana), cosmic insight (items and flash cooldown)
  34.                     stopwatch (zed if going kraken)
  35. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  36. runes combinations: biscuit delivery/boots + overheal {needs early sustain and scaling}
  37.                                   domination tree + presence of mind {needs early game}
  38. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  39. (mythics)
  40. shieldbow:  against burst and soft cc - when you can duel - needs armor pen
  41. kraken slayer:  damage - your team peels you
  42. galeforce:  snowballing - against wombo combo comps - dodging dives (free flash) - cheating positioning
  43. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  44. (lvl ups)
  45. max lvl damage first then either attackspeed or lethality
  46. Lethality when you rely on spells and auto reset, good with galeforce collector build
  47. attackspeed when you rely on auto attacking, good with kraken and shieldbow, can be done with galeforce
  48. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  49. (legendaries)
  50. essence reaver:  good for spell spamming, weapon management
  51. Runaan's Hurricane:  early item for perma push and stealing jungle, late clustered fights
  53. mortal reminder:  (delay it) only buy executioner, against lifesteal and heal
  54. infinity edge:  3rd item against squishies, good with infernal drake
  55. Lord Dominik's Regards:  Core item, buy last whisper against squishies with armor
  56. scimitar:  (delay it) only buy qss, against hard cc and heavy ap
  58. ~stormrazor~:  weirdge, lacks damage later, not good if behind, feels like a bait item
  60. rapidfire cannon:  gives calibrum more punching power, long catches with gravitum
  61. Phantom Dancer:  gold efficient for pure damage stats and a movement speed buff
  62. collector:  snowballing item
  63. Bloodthirster:  against burst, sustain and dueling, pure attack damage and lifesteal stats
  65. edge of night:  against unavoidable cc like vi,malph,naut..
  66. Serpent fangs:  against mountain drake soul and shields
  67. Guardian angel:  when you have to initiate (4th-5th item)
  69. maw: against heavy ap
  70. deathdance: with shieldbow/ heavy ad
  71. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  72. (builds)
  73. {note: qss is better than mr boots as an adc, go either tabis or berserkers, unless all the enemy team is magic}
  74. Poke/siege: Galeforce -> ER -> LDR/IE -> situational
  75. snowballing: galeforce -> collector -> IE/LDR -> situational
  76. Dueling/survival: galeforce/shieldbow -> BT -> IE/LDR -> GA -> situational
  77. damage: Kraken -> LDR/RH -> IE -> situational
  78. pushing/powerfarming: mythic -> RH -> LDR/IE
  79. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  80. (starting items)
  81. cull if cutdown// doran's blade if coup de grace// doran's shield if the enemy is poke and your ally doesn't heal
  82. on first back:  if you are powerfarming when there's no catcher you can get noonquiver/cull
  83.                        if you are poking/all in then pickaxe+long sword is good, or boots for mechanical trading
  84.                        if you are getting poked down then get vampiric scepter then noonquiver on second back
  85.                        if your opponent heals a lot get executioner asap
  86.                        if your opponent has catch abilities BUY BOOTS
  87. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  88. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  89. (double combos explained)
  90. note: galeforce can affect the playstyle of these combos, there's a note under each combo
  91. note: numbers are rating of the combo usability common (1) to niche (10)
  92. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  93. I_calibrum-severum {the hit and run} 10
  94.   only good early game with PTA easy proc and triple combo
  95.     you use calibrum for backline damage
  96.     severum to control gaps and some sustain
  97.     good combo late game because of simplicity and usability
  98.   works as a disengage in protect and split comps to be able to fire back after disengage
  99. ((galeforce enhances survivability, and make a cali q ult surprise combo))
  100. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  101. II_calibrum-gravitum {the bird hunter} 2
  102.   one of the best combos for snowballing and catching
  103.     calibrum and gravitum q can loop in early game if you time it right
  104.     you use calibrum to set up catches with gravitum like the cali ult>aa>w>q>w>q>aa combo
  105.   good for catch, siege, and can work in attack with grav ult or Runaan's
  106. ((galeforce enhances the catch ability with gravitum by dash->aa->q instead of calibrum q,
  107. gives cali q surprise element to catch people off guard, and the dash->ult for both
  108. it makes the combo mobile by using galeforce to kite then aa->q catch for an ambush))
  109. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  110. III_calibrum-infernum {the rain of fire} 6
  111.   the dps combo in multiple champions fights, better with a frontline
  112.     you w to calibrum if the target is out of range of infernum and is low, or to kite further
  113.     you w to infernum if the targets are reachable and no risk of being dived
  114.   good in attack, protect and can work for siege
  115. ((galeforce can make the combo mobile, it gives better infernum q landing on multiple targets,
  116. it can give a better infernum ult landing, it gives cali q ult surprise combo,
  117. unlocks the aa q infernum burst combo which is good for catch with PTA))
  118. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  119. IV_calibrum-crescendum {the rain of blades} 1
  120.   a combo that controls fights and suprises enemies
  121.     put the sentry in bushes that the enemy will come from to create dps advantage
  122.     use calibrum ult to hunt down lower targets or use crescendum ult for crescendum dps
  123.     you use the w to keep crescendum stacked or to get targets slightly out of range
  124.   good in siege, split, and protect because of precision sentry
  125. ((galeforce reduces the risk of putting a sentry down, unlocks galeforce > sentry > ult combo for catch))
  126. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  127. V_severum-gravitum {the deal with the devil} 8
  128.   gap control combo, probably has the worst dps, not good in teamfights but good escape, good in picks
  129.     pure utility combo that focuses on controlling gaps using "binding onslaught" can save a teammate
  130.     is bad for early game because of lack of range and damage but can be effective in a gank
  131.  good in catch, maybe protect and split, can work in attack with grav ult and runaans
  132. ((galeforce makes using gravitum easier with dash>aa>q))
  133. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  134. VI_severum-infernum {the errupting hellfire} 5
  135.   one of the best combos in teamfights, can control gaps with big damage, scary combo late game
  136.     farming with this combo is the fastest, but can deplete fast so you either wanna use it to farm or to teamfight
  137.     use severum as a gap tool and infernum as dps, only use severum as dps against windwalls
  138.     the ult can be a saving grace with severum or a devastating force with infernum so choose wisely
  139.   good in attack/protect comp with runaans and conq
  140. ((galeforce makes this combo even scarier, you can dash with "Incendiary onslaught" to pick a kill,
  141. or you can dash to use "Resurgent Duskwave" to heal on multiple targets))
  142. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  143. VII_severum-crescendum {the shredder} 9
  144.   The snowball combo early game, falls off later cuz of usability, pair it with GA late
  145.     the combo is "Arcing onslaught" to stack crescendum mirrors and auto attack with crescendum
  146.     get AS items or level w for effectivity, use sentry to get more health/dps, best against no cc
  147.   good in protect and split threatening overwhelming objective clear
  148. ((galeforce is great with this combo for gap closing a stacked crescendum, or you can try "Arcing onslaught"
  149. on a nearby champion and have galeforce as back up escape making it "better" for catch))
  150. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  151. VIII_gravitum-infernum {the tarred flame} 4
  152.   best combo for teamfighting because of the utility and dps
  153.     the combo is aa > "binding eclipse" > w > aa > "binding duskwave" for best dps in early
  154.     you can get creative with how you use the two weapons but always use aa between the abilities if you can
  155.   good in attack and catch comp, can be good in protect with infernum damage and LT
  156. ((galeforce makes this combo mobile and easier to execute a nice multi people root with "binding duskwave"))
  157. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  158. IX_gravitum-crescendum {the deal with the dark} 7
  159.   gap creator, very useful to control objectives and against lost teamfights
  160.     is only good early if your opponent is someone who likes gap closing, and with ult available
  161.     can be paired with LT to give damage and heavy utlity in teamfights with sentry
  162.     sentry can be used to make it easier for siege comp to land their abilities
  163.     the weakness of this combo is sentry blowing up fast
  164.   good in protect and split with sentry, good in attack and catch with grav ult
  165. ((galeforce unlocks the root > ult > crescendum aa combo with the mobility from galeforce,
  166. gives safety to deploy the sentry making it effective with siege))
  167. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  168. X_crescendum-infernum {the blazing blade} 3
  169.   immobile glass cannon, which makes it the best dps in teamfights
  170.     has the same spike as {the shredder} in early, you can use it to poke instead of all in
  171.     the best usage of this combo is combining LT proc timer with sentry spawning and infernum aa
  172.   good in attack, protect, siege, and split because of double usage of the combo
  173. ((galeforce makes this combo mobile and viable to teamfights but only temporarily, time getting this combo
  174. with galeforce cooldown for the best teamfighting outcome))
  175. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  176. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  177. (matchups)
  178. jhin:   weak against: (severum-crescendum-calibrum), infernum-gravitum, calibrum's max range
  179. ezreal:   weak against: (severum-crescendum-calibrum), infernum-gravitum
  180. samira:   weak against: severum aa, gravitum root
  181. miss fortune :   weak against: (severum-crescendum-calibrum), infernum-gravitum on ganks/all ins
  182. tristana:   weak against: severum q and ult, calibrum-gravitum as punish, strong against: crescendum all in
  183. kalista:   weak against: gravitum-calibrum, infernum clear
  184. kaisa:   weak against: calibrum range, crescendum-gravitum/calibrum, on par: infernum
  185. vayne:   weak against: infernum clear, gravitum, calibrum as punish
  186. ashe:   weak against: calibrum range(behind minions), severum and/or gravitum on chase, cres-cali
  187. draven:   weak against: crescendum-gravitum/calibrum, calibrum on lvl 1
  188. jinx:   weak against: severum's sustain -calibrum on no mana, sentry(to block), on par: infernum
  189. caitlyn:   weak against: gravitum-infernum-sev, on par: infer, strong against: cali, grav
  190. sivir:   weak against: calibrum range, grav, on par: infer, strong against: cali-grav
  191. senna:   weak against: gravitum, severum, infernum, strong against: calibrum
  192. lucian:   weak against: infernum-gravitum, (severum-crescendum-calibrum), strong against: calibrum
  193. twitch:   weak against: infernum, severum, stacked crescendum, calibrum range if no ult
  194. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  195. (laning basics)
  196.  (tips)
  197. instead of trying to run from the early laning phase; build and play against it (limit test)
  198. watchout for your support type, you have to play according to his gameplan:
  199.  (yuumi=defensive with poke, leona=aggressive and follow her calls, thresh= play to his catch)
  201.  (ally support formula)
  202. if your support focuses on poke: use calibrum to poke, use severum to farm, avoid all ins, zone the wave
  203. if your support focuses on all in: rotate severum calibrum as fast as possible for infernum
  204. if your support scales: play defensively (farm with calibrum) with cull until you reach the required spike for all in
  205. if your support focuses on catches: if they pressure use the pressure/ if they don't: farm safely
  207.  (jungle related)
  208. if your jungler focuses on ganking and theirs focuses on farming play lane aggressively
  209. your jungler is farming and enemy jungler is ganker play defensively
  210. if lanes are in a stalemate play passively and wait for enemy mistakes
  211. for leashing hit the camp with 3-4 severum autos and fall back to lane with a calibrum auto
  212. if your enemy botlane is leashing you can deny them cs by standing in front of the wave then going back when 6 minions targetted you
  213. you can use infernum to push the lane and set up prio for drake
  215.  (weapon usage)
  216. watch out your mana usage, be at half mana bar at all times
  217. you can hold out calibrum q aa after landing it to prolong having conquerer stacks
  218. if you auto attack moonmark the animation can be punished from the nearby wave or the enemy
  219. do not waste q ineffectively make it always for either poking, pushing, sometimes farming
  220. watch out for minions aggro when you poke with auto attacks, sev will make out for it
  221. use calibrum to poke/farm - severum to farm/attack on close range -
  222. infernum to shove/all in on lvl 3/poke - gravitum for ganks or guarantee escaping kills
  223. stack crescendum for all in on lvl 5 and do not waste ammo if the sentry is unnecessary
  224. don't try to go for 200 stacks on crescendum 5 to 7 are the best threshold
  225. use abilities and sub abilities between crescendum auto attacks at long range
  227.  (wards)
  228. early ward effectively for map info or lane info, like spotting a sly brand/zyra
  229. ward always before 4 mins in the game then before every 3 mins
  230. watch your LvL for blue ward purchase at base
  231. use the bushes to your advantage to escape targetted skills or attacks
  232. always have a ward in stock for revealing an enemy in the bush, or use cali/infer/cres
  234.  (dropping weapons)
  235. depleting severum first is optimal for a potential sev-cali-grav combo kill
  236. calibrum can be depleted first for a cali q-w-aa root combo but severum must be low as
  237.  well to avoid sev/grav
  238. sev-grav is good for ganks only, do not use it to all in it doesn't have the damage
  239. use infernum push power for cheater recalls/stealing jungle/ganking/drake, if you don't
  240.  wanna push use gravitum
  241. if you'll get sev-cres after grav-infer you can drop either grav/infern first but you
  242.  must balance the ammo
  243. if you'll get cres-cali after grav-infer you must drop grav first for a better triple combo
  245. (mechanics)
  246. don't over extend against burst and all in
  247. match your support's range and aggro
  248. never commit to sure lost fights, don't mistake this with possible fights and must fights
  249. count the enemies values to determine wether the fight is winnable or not
  251. (attain game knowledge)
  252. study minions behaviour to improve your farming
  253. learn the abilties and cooldowns of other champions to use to your favor
  254. assist in kiling dragons to gain legend stacks
  255. a champion with low/no mana has 0 value in fights

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